Class Descriptions

Creative Movement (Pre-Ballet & Tumbling)
This 45 minute class designed for 2* and 3 year olds incorporates movement and dance with playtime using colorful props and fun music.  This parent independent class will begin with an imaginative warm-up and then move to center and across the floor movements that emphasize motor skills and creativity through basic ballet movements.  The class will close each week with basic tumbling skills.  This class is a great way for a toddler learn to follow directions and wait for his or her turn, as well as to gain social skills, confidence and independence. 
*MUST be 2 by September 1, 2019 to register for this class.

Pre-Dance (Ballet & Tap Combo)
Continuing to build on the various movement skills emphasized in Creative Movement, students age 3* and 4 years old will expand their dance knowledge in this one hour class.  Students will review and improve the basic ballet movements taught in Creative Movement.  Basic tap dance steps and new ballet movements will also be introduced to prepare these students for our Kinder-Combo class. 
*MUST be 3 by September 1, 2019 to register for this class.

Kinder-Combo (2nd Year Ballet & Tap)
Students age 4* and 5 years old will further enhance their coordination skills and musicality in this one hour class, while learning the necessary ballet and tap skills to prepare them for our elementary school age classes.  Classes will begin with a floor warm up and basic center ballet barre work, followed by center ballet movements, and then finish up with tap steps in the center and moving across the floor. 
*MUST be 4 by September 1, 2019 AND have prior dance training to register for this class.
Kids Groove (Hip Hop & Tumbling)
A foundation course in jazz, hip hop and tumbling techniques, students age 3* through 5 years old will love this high energy class.  Classes will begin with a warm up and then follow with across the floor movements, center floor combinations and finally some basic tumbling skills on the mat.  Emphasis will be on rhythm, coordination and fun!  It is strongly recommended that students enrolled in this 45 minute class also be enrolled in either a Pre-Dance or Kinder-Combo class, as the ballet foundation is needed to excel in this class. 
*MUST be 3 by September 1, 2019 to register for this class.

A classical dance form characterized by grace and precision of movement.  In this class, strong emphasis is placed on body alignment, terminology and technique.  Dancers will gain strength, flexibility and endurance.  Classes will begin at the barre and then move to center and across the floor progressions.

Exploring rhythm through the use of taps on the bottom of dance shoes to create sound, tap dancing emphasizes intricate footwork, syncopation and musicality.  Tap classes begin with a warm up, move to across the floor patterns, and finish with a center floor combination ranging from Broadway Tap to Tap Funk. 

Utilizing ballet technique, students in jazz will dance to upbeat, contemporary music.  Classes begin with a center floor warm up, move to across the floor combinations including leaps, jumps and turns, and end with center floor combinations.  Styles include Pop Jazz, Classical Jazz, Jazz Funk and more.  It is strongly recommended that  a student enrolled in Jazz have prior Ballet training, as Ballet is the foundation of most other dance forms.  Additionally, any student enrolled in Jazz, is required to be enrolled in Ballet as a co-requisite (regardless of previous Ballet training).

This class gives experienced dancers an opportunity to express themselves through emotion and style.  A merging of Ballet, Jazz and Modern dance techniques, Lyrical is a highly technical dance form.  The dynamic movements range from fluid to sharp.  Students enrolled Lyrical/Contemporary class are usually at least 7 or 8 years old and have extensive prior dance training.  Ballet is required as co-requisite to this class.  Jazz is also highly recommended as a co-requisite.

Hip Hop
A dance style that originated in the 1980's, hip hop incorporates Funk, Pop & Lock and Street Dance styles through strong movements.  These high energy classes for students age 5 to adult begin with a warm up that include body isolations and will end with a challenging dance combination that is similar to what may be seen in a contemporary pop music video.

Cardio & Conditioning
This class is for the intermediate or advanced dancer or for novice dancers who would like to be pushed to attain better strength, endurance and flexibility.  A typical class will begin with a cardio based warm up in the center and on the floor and will include intensive strengthening and stretching techniques.  Some weeks, Thera-Bands may be used as a means for conditioning the boday.  Although not required, it is highly recommended and strongly encouraged that students enrolled in Cardio & Conditioning also be enrolled in Ballet Technique and Conditioning as a co-requisite.

For the more serious Ballet dancer, Pointe requires tremendous strength because of the body weight being placed on the feet and ankles.  Through the use of Pointe shoes, which have a special shape to them, dancers are enabled to dance on their toes.  To begin Pointe work, students are usually at least 12 years old and have had a minimum of 2-3 years intensive Ballet training.  Placement in Pointe is by instructor invitation only. 

Modern is a form of artistic espression through movement.  This form of dance explores weight changes, dynamics and improvisation.  Classes may will include a conditioning style warm-up, contractions of spine, flatbacks, floor work and more.  Students in this class are generally age 11 or older and will also be exposed to elements of the choreographic process.  Ballet is required as a co-requisite of Modern.

Similar to gymnastics, this class will focus on basic acrobatics and tumbling skills such as bridges, rolls, cartwheels, standing backbends, and limbers.  Dance elements will be incorporated into the class as well.  Level progression will include cartwheels on both sides, walkovers, handsprings, tucks, and aerials.  Advanced tumbling passes along with more complex dance elements will be incorporated into the class as level progression proceeds towards the advanced level.

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