Please read our most commonly asked questions with answers below to get a better understanding of our program.  If you have a question not listed, please call us at (561) 792-9757.

How young do you accept students?
We accept students as young as 2 years old.  For the 2019-2020 school year, the 2 year old student must turn 2 by September 1, 2019.  2 year old students take our Creative Movement class.  This class is a great way for toddlers to gain self confidence, learn to listen and follow rules, and meet new friends.
Do younger students need to be potty trained?
Pre-school age students are not required to be potty trained, however we prefer students are at least in the potty training process.  If your child is not fully potty trained, he/she must wear a diaper or pull-up during class.
Can I go in the classroom with my child?
All of our dance classes are independent classes.  You can view the classes on closed curcuit TV's in the lobby.  In our pre-school classes, the child should try to come in the room on their own.  Even if they cry some, it is still best for the development of their independence to go in on their own and get used to the teacher, the other students, and the classroom setting.  If the child seems extremely uneasy with this, we will allow the parent to come in the room for the first two weeks.  By the third week, the child should have made some progress, as far as being able to seperate from their parent.  After the third week, if not progress is being made in the child's independence, the teacher will discuss the other options with the parents.
Do I have to wait for my child at the studio or can I leave while he/she is in class?
You only need to remain at the studio if your child is not 100% potty trained or if you feel there will be some sort of separation issue.  Otherwise, you can take advantage of the time and run errands or take care of personal business. If you do leave the studio though, you must make sure you get back to the studio by the time the class is released to the lobby.  We are not responsible for students not picked up on time, as our teachers must begin their next class. 
What will my child need to wear to class?
Most classes require a leotard with tights and the appropriate shoes, however for a complete list of required dance attire for each class go to our Studio Policies page and click on Dance Class Dress Codes.  For most classes, hair must be pulled into a slicked back, tight pony tail, at a minimum, but a bun is required for Ballet, Jazz, Lyrical & Contemporary classes and preferred in all other classes.
How long do the classes run? 
During the school year, we do not operate in sessions.  Our classes operate year round, running in conjunction with the academic school year.  Our regular school year begins in mid to late August and typically ends in early June.  Although a student may join at any time during the school year before we are too far into our recital choreography, the most ideal time of year for a student to join is in August.  Our curriculum continues to build throughout the year on steps learned in the previous classes, so students joining late in the year may need to take extra lessons to catch up.  After the regular school year ends, we offer a summer session that usually meets mid-June to late July.  Once the summer session ends, the new school year will begin again in mid to late August. 
How much does it cost to attend classes? 
Costs vary, depending on how many classes your child takes each week.  Our school year tuition is an annual fee, that for your convenience, may be paid by the semester or broken into 10 equal installments due on the 15th of each month from August to May.  There is also a non-refundable annual registration fee due at the time of registering.  Our summer sessions are typically broken into two payments, one being due at the time of registration and the other being due on the first day of the summer session.  We offer family discounts for families with multiple children who take classes. 
Do you have recitals or performances? 
Members of our Dance Company perform at several events throughout the year including local school and church festivals, Holiday Parades, Race for the Cure and more.  Sometimes, additional students will be invited to perform.  We hold an annual dance recital where all students get to show off the skills they learned all in year in a professional performance setting.  For our more information on our annual recital, visit our Recital Info page. 
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